Snow removal


The City of Brossard adopts a new spreading strategy on its rues éco-hivernales (eco-friendly winter roads)

Attentive to what residents experienced these past few weeks, the City of Brossard launched an exceptional spreading operation of flux (salt) and abrasive (stone) for level 3 streets, also known as rues éco-hivernales.
By doing so, Brossard improved its snow removal procedures for local streets during unusual weather conditions, as it has been the case in recent weeks.
In order to ensure the success of the operation, the temperature must remain above -10°C. A minimum of four (4) days is required to treat all local streets, which represents 53% on the road network.

To learn more about this strategy, click here (French version only). 

Update: February 20 - 8:50 A.M.

vel for pedestrians, motorists and emergency vehicles, the City plans and coordinates its snow removal operations.


1) Spreading

Each snowfall is analyzed to ensure that the right decisions are taken for the type of precipitation road users must face (snow, sleet, freezing rain).

The spreading of abrasives and de-icers begins when there is apparent snow accumulation or ice formation on the ground.

2) Snow Clearing

Continuous snow clearing takes place on walkways, sidewalks, residential streets, collector streets, main arteries and boulevards when the accumulated precipitation reaches 5 cm.

3) Signagezoneremorquage.JPG

In preparation for snow removal, “TOWING ZONE” posters are planted on snowbanks to indicate that parking in the street is prohibited between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m

4) Snow Removal

Snow removal operations begin when accumulations on the ground reaches 10 cm, or at the end of a snowfall of more than 10 cm. Snow is first removed from boulevards, collector streets, crowded local streets, high density sectors and residential streets with one or two sidewalks


To ensure everyone’s safety on public roads throughout the City, it is important to remember:

  • Do not shovel snow onto the street, along the edge of the street or on the sidewalk during residential snow removal;
  • Do not place snow near a fire hydrant, because this constitutes a danger for fire safety;
  • Do not place garbage or recycling bins in the street or on the sidewalk;
  • Make sure you respect the regulations by installing your car shelter at least 2 m from the road surface;
  • You must prune your trees, shrubs and hedges that encroach on public ways (sidewalks and roadways) or that obscure signs;
  • Remove the accumulated snow from your driveway without shoveling snow onto the street;
  • Protect your fences, shrubs,etc. well in anticipation of snow that may be blown onto your property during snow removal operations.


Level 1
Main arteries and boulevards
Level 2
Collector streets,
busy local streets
and high density sectors
Level 3
Residential streets



Since 2016, on-street parking is permitted anyt ime in the city, with the exception of a few situations:

  1. When the signage expressly forbids it;
  2. Exceptionally, during clearing;
  3. Always during loading operations.

Be the first to be alert to move your vehicle off the street!
Visit the Parking section for details.


If your vehicle has been towed, contact the Service de police de l’agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL), at 450 463-7011, to locate your vehicle.


In order to avoid having to move your vehicle, or if you want to park your vehicle safely during snow removal operations, consult the list of locations where you are permitted to park a vehicle between November 15 and April 15, at


If you notice damage to your property (lawn, hedge, fence or other) caused by snow removal operations in Brossard, you must file a claim with the City, before May 15 of the following Spring by contacting Services Brossard, at 450 923-6311 or at

Depending on the type of damage, the repair work will be carried out during the summer.

For more information on snow removal operations in Brossard, consult the document Snow removal operations in Brossard planning (in french) and view the presentation on the subject of the Direction des travaux publics at the Municipal council meeting on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.