Is there an SPCA in Brossard?

No, there is no SPCA (Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) within the Ville de Brossard city limits. The City's animal management services are provided by SPCA Roussillon (formerly called Refuge A.M.R.), located in Saint-Constant. Check out their website.

What is the Canadian Kennel Club?

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is a non-profit organization that serves as the Bureau of Registration for pure breed dogs. They currently recognize more than 175 breeds of dogs. The CKC encourages and safeguards the interests of pure breed dogs as well as those of responsible owners and good breeders. It also promotes the benefits that dogs can bring to our society.

What is the Canadian Cat Association?

A feline club brings together breeders but also simple friends of cats. These clubs are affiliated with the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) which coordinates the overall activities of the feline world. Unlike canine clubs, Canadian feline clubs can choose to be affiliated with the national association or with foreign associations.  

Are Brossard companies allowed to continue to board dogs covered by a prohibition in Brossard? 

No, if your dog is of a breed prohibited in Brossard, it cannot be admitted to a boarding kennel within Brossard. 

Are Brossard companies allowed to continue to board dogs covered by the restricted right of possession in Brossard? 

Yes, dogs covered by the restricted right of possession, registered in the City's Register of Licenses and for which the guardians have met all related obligations, may be admitted to boarding kennels in Brossard.