What is a basket muzzle?

It is a light muzzle that makes handling your dog easy and that allows you to avoid sensitive situations. It allows your dog to drink and protects its snout. 

Where can I get a basket muzzle?

You can obtain a basket muzzle in many stores, such as pet shops, as well as from a veterinarian or an animal health professional.

May I use a cloth muzzle for my dog subject to the restricted right of possession in Brossard?

No, only basket muzzles are accepted for your dog subject to the restricted right of possession in Brossard. The dog must wear its basket muzzle at all times in public spaces, including the canine exercise area.

Is my dog required to wear a halter or harness in Brossard?

No, the Animal Control By-Law does not require your dog to wear a halter or harness, even if it weighs more than 20 kg, and regardless of the breed of your dog.  

Is there a regulation relating to leash length?

Yes, the leash of your dog must be not longer than 1.85 m (6 ft). Retractable leashes are prohibited.