Shared Transportation

Car Sharing 

What is it?

This is a type of vehicle rental system similar to “Communauto”.
Conditions of use: Users share a fleet of vehicles for which they can book a time slot after having paid a prerequisite membership fee. Vehicles are available 24/7 and costs depend on the type of membership and the number of kilometres driven or the duration of the rental period.
Availability: You can take advantage of the “Communauto” service in Brossard. Two self-serve-with-reservation vehicle stations are now available for residents: one at the Panama Terminus and the other at the Champlain Mall, in the outdoor parking lot near the intersection of Provencher and Pelletier.


What is it? Carpooling is the use of a single vehicle by several people, driven by one of the passengers, to make a (partly) identical trip and to share in the associated costs. Whether it is a business or personal trip, carpooling allows you to reach your destination safely and pleasantly.
Here are a few sites that offer carpooling services:

AMT covoiturage
Rive-Sud covoiturage
Amigo Express

Public Transit 

What is it? Public transit exists in many forms: bus, tram, subway, ferryboat, train. Public transit allows a large number of people to travel at a reasonable cost per user.


The RTL (Réseau de transport de Longueuil or Longueuil transit network) provides bus service in Brossard and throughout the Longueuil Urban Agglomeration, which includes some 70 bus routes. Two terminal stations are located in Brossard.

The Panama Terminus

  • Access to all bus lines serving the City
  • Express service (#45) to the La Gauchetière Terminus in downtown Montreal
  • 958 parking spaces for commuters
  • Bicycle racks for 75 bikes 

The Chevrier Express Terminus

  • Express service (#90) to the La Gauchetière Terminus in downtown Montreal
  • Commuter parking
  • Reserved lane on the Champlain Bridge at rush hours

Bus - Adapted Transport

Adapted transport service is offered by the RTL to persons who have a significant and persistent disability, making them unable to use regular public transit, and who are resident or travelling in one of the following cities:

  • Brossard
  • Boucherville
  • Greenfield Park
  • Longueuil and Old Longueuil
  • Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
  • Saint-Hubert
  • Saint-Lambert  

Service is provided by adapted minibus or by taxi. Only persons accepted by the admission committee provided for by law may use this service. See the link in the right-hand section for more details.

Collective Taxi 

The RTL operates 11 collective taxi routes, available to residents of areas far from bus routes.
This service works just like regular bus lines, and the fare remains the same. It serves the City of Brossard, as well as the Longueuil Urban Agglomeration.

Collective taxis serving Brossard:

T48 : Boulevards St-Laurent and Marie-Victorin, to the Panama terminus.​

T77 : Boulevard Matte, between Illinois and place Jade.

See the schedules and all bus routes