Property taxes and assessments

Electronic Document Service

View your Tax Account
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infotaxeEN.JPGYou will be able to access the service for as long as you own a property in Brossard. You will therefore be able to view the history of your tax account at any time, without having to keep paper copies.  

Signing up

  • Owners of residential, commercial or industrial property may sign up for the Electronic Document Service as of now.
  • You will need the ID number indicated on your statements (e.g., your most recent water bill). Click on Electronic Document service in Useful links in the right section, sign up and fill in your personal information page.
  • Once you’ve signed up, enter your access code and password (which you selected during the sign-up process) and view your documents in the Electronic Document Service section.

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A beneficial initiative

The Electronic Document Service makes it possible to reduce our collective ecological footprint while also generating significant savings.

Senior's tax credit
Municipal tax payment

Seniors who live in a residential assessment unit may be entitled to a provincial tax credit due to an increase in the value of their property, and municipalities are obliged to inform them of the credit amount.


Eligible properties and taxpayers

If your property is eligible, you will find the amount of your potential tax credit at the bottom of your 2018 property tax bill, should you meet the program’s criterion. This tax credit may be claimed when filling out your income tax form for Revenu Québec.

Visit or call 514 940-1481 for the full list of program eligibility criteria.

Assesment roll

The property assessment function is under the jurisdiction of the Agglomération de Longueuil. For any information regarding the property assessment, please call the Direction de l'évaluation of the Agglomération de Longueuil at 450-463-7177 (info-évaluation) or consult the FAQ document (available in French only).