Temporary parking during snow removal operations

During snow removal operations, the City makes temporary parking spaces available for your use. You may park there for a maximum of 72 hours from November 15 to April 15.
Between April 15 and November 15, these parking spaces are reserved for community centre users and park visitors.

List of Temporary Parking Space Locations

Michel-Normandin arena: 3105 De Rome Boulevard (212 spaces)
Parc Léon-Gravel: Near 9126 Marie-Victorin Boulevard (50 spaces)
Nathalie-Croteau community centre: 2210 André Street (24 spaces)
Parc Radisson: 9710 Radisson Avenue (40 spaces)
Vanier community centre: 3310 Bernard Avenue (67 spaces)
Parc Saint-Alphonse: 6175 Aumont Avenue (35 spaces)
Parc Victorin: Pothier Avenue, corner of Prévert (24 spaces)
Lautrec dog park: De Rome Boulevard, corner of Lautrec (40 spaces)
• Roger swimming pool: 850 Robert Street (12 spaces)
Centre Socioculturel: 7905 San Francisco Avenue (295 spaces)
Parc Champlain: Opposite 1745 Therrien Street (20 spaces)
Parc des Vélos: 5600 Marie-Victorin Boulevard (20 spaces)

The City is not responsible for damage, theft, vandalism or other harm to vehicles.