Here is what you can do to ensure your safety:

  • Establish a family safety plan;
  • Always have an emergency kit on hand;
  • Identify safe places where you can take shelter quickly;
  • Solidly secure furniture, such shelves and bookcases, as well as objects hanging on the walls;
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on top of a shelf or above a headboard;
  • Store chemical or flammable products away from sources of heat and in a place where they are less likely to spill; and
  • Put non-slip mats under electronic devices and small household appliances, or secure them with Velcro tape.

Follow earthquake safety rules

You can ensure your protection during an earthquake.

If you are indoors:

  • Remain inside;
  • Take shelter under a heavy piece of furniture (table, desk, bed);
  • Hang on to the piece of furniture in order to remain protected;
  • Cover your head and torso to protect yourself from objects that could fall during an earthquake;
  • Crouch alongside a wall if you cannot take shelter under a heavy piece of furniture or you are in a hallway; and
  • Stay away from windows and doors.

If you are in a wheelchair, lock the wheels and protect your neck and head.

If you are in an elevator, select all of the floors and exit the elevator as soon as possible.

If you are outdoors:

  • Remain outdoors; and
  • Take shelter in an open area, away from buildings and far from crowds if you are in a busy place.

If you are driving:

  • Stop the vehicle in a safe place, away from buildings, bridges and overpasses, and make sure that you are not blocking the road;
  • Stay inside the vehicle;
  • Listen to the radio for instructions from the authorities; and
  • Do not get out of the vehicle; wait for someone to rescue you if power lines have fallen on the vehicle.

If you are in a bus, remain seated until it stops. Then take shelter in a protected area. If that is impossible, remain seated, bend forward and use your arms to protect your head.

Source and reference for further information: Urgence Québec – Earthquakes

Also consult: Government of Canada – Get Prepared – Earthquakes

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