Plastic shopping bags

During a regular meeting of the Municipal Council on February 16, the City of Brossard adopted by-law 351 prohibiting the distribution of plastic shopping bags by businesses across the municipality. Brossard is one of the first major cities in Quebec to implement a concrete measure for reducing waste at the source.

Press Releases

December 9 2015 Press Release (in French)
February 16 2016 Press Release

Prohibited and Acceptable Shopping Bags (Summary)

  • Single-use shopping bags made of plastic
  • Biodegradable shopping bags
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Paper shopping bags
  • Bags for products sold in bulk (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, candy, flour and grains)
  • Products already packaged by means of industrial processing
  • Clothing bags distributed by businesses offering dry-cleaning services
  • Bags containing advertising materials (distributed door-to-door).


Règlement 351 - Relatif à la distribution des sacs d'emplettes (original French version)
By-Law 351 – Relating to the Distribution of Plastic_Shopping_Bags


A Frequently Asked Questions section is available (in French) and can be accessed by clicking on the FAQ tab on the left.

Awareness Campaign

The by-law will enter into effect on September 1, 2016. During the transition period, information and awareness activities will be conducted, giving residents and merchants time to progressively adapt to the new measure. Featuring the slogan “Oui, j’ai mon sac!” (“Yes, I have my bag!”) and the hashtag #ouijaimonsac, the campaign will encourage residents to change their habits by bringing reusable bags with themwhen they go shopping.

Communication Tools for Merchants and Retailers

In-Store Poster - Oui, j'ai mon sac ! (in French)

Information Sheet - Oui, j'ai mon sac ! (in French)
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