Du Quartier Boulevard


Du Quartier Boulevard will be widened along its entire length between Lapinière Boulevard and Grande Allée, creating three lanes in each direction as well as a central median. There will be dedicated lanes for the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (the RTL transit network). Construction work is planned for summer 2018 through summer 2019.

The widened boulevard will lead to the new Du Quartier Overpass, which will provide a bidirectional link between the C section and the Quartier DIX30. Two new real estate projects will be developed on this street, the Éco-Quartier de la Gare project and the Solar Uniquartier (TOD Quartier) project. The boulevard, including its sidewalks and bicycle lanes, will also facilitate access to the future Du Quartier station of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) regional high-speed train system.

Some areas along the boulevard will be landscaped in order to beautify the areas through which it passes. Sidewalks and unidirectional bike paths will also be constructed to encourage active mobility in Brossard.

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