Municipal By-Laws

Regulations to combat this insect (REG-362)

We remind you that the participation of Brossard residents is essential to the success of the City's control operations. The treatment of ash trees on public land will only be effective if residents also act to counter the spread of the emerald ash borer (EAB) in Brossard.
According to the by-law in force (REG-362):
  • The owner of any ash tree must:
  • Treat the ash with TreeAzin every two years between June 15 and August 31 of the given year;
  • Fell (cut down) the tree and replace it in compliance with the regulations in force. It is recommended the tree be replaced with another large canopy tree species (e.g.: red maple, bur oak, etc.) to retain the same environmental benefits at maturity.  
Important: Residents who have an ash tree on their land must obtain a permit before pruning or felling a tree. You can get obtain these permits free at the counter located at city hall.  In order to limit the spread of the EAB:
  • Felling and pruning ash trees is prohibited between March 15 and October 1 (the period when the insect is most active). 
  • It is forbidden to plant any variety of ash tree (genus fraxinus)
 More information:
By-Law 362 - Articles 183 to 188