Fête des voisins

Saturday June 9 2018

Transform your neighborhood with a party of neighbors, yes it is possible!

The principal objective of Neighbours Day is to take people who live in the same area and bring them together. This is quite the original idea – since Neighbours Day is organized and hosted by the residents themselves, it is an opportunity for them to play an active role in developing a sense of cordiality and solidarity in their community. 

Most of all, do not hesitate in getting together with other neighbours to organize your own Neighbours Day. Many options are available to you: cocktail parties, barbecues, potlucks, dessert contests, etc. It's up to you! 

Citizens can purchase posters, balloons and invitation cards at the Services Brossard counter located at Hôtel de ville, 2001, boul. de Rome. It then simply to launch the invitations, and, obviously, to party.

The Réseau québécois de Villes et Villages en santé (RQVVS), following the favourable assent of its member municipalities, decided to launch Neighbours Day in Quebec. This celebration perfectly represents the values and the type of endeavour that VVS promotes; the development of bonds between people and stakeholders in the same community, perhaps gradually leading to community projects.

Services Brossard : 450 923-6311