Day camps

The City of Brossard offers a wide range of day camps for children, featuring outdoor activities in an urban setting. Our camp counsellors are ready to guide kids and help them enjoy an exciting summer while having fun playing with friends!

NEW FOR 2017 
Health Information Sheet REQUIRED for day camp registration

NEW! The Health Information Sheet is COMPULSORY; without it, you will not be able to register your child for a day camp.

IMPORTANT: not only must a Health Information Sheet be completed for each child registered, but it IS VALID FOR 11 MONTHS ONLY. It is ESSENTIAL to check if your child's health sheet is still valid.

Un été sans camp, c'est ennuyant !

Il reste encore plusieurs camps où votre enfant pourra développer sa créativité, sa capacité à interagir avec les autres et son esprit sportif !

Camps artistiques

Cirque - 6-12 ans...
Clown - 6-12 ans
Scrapbooking - 9-15 ans

Camps plein air

Camp Soleil - Je touche à tout - 5-7 ans
Camp Soleil - Je deviens un expert - 10-12 ans
Camp Soleil - J'apprends plus - 8-9 ans
Camp Soleil - Explo Ado - 13-14 ans
Interprétation de la nature - 6-12 ans

Camps sportifs

DBL Ball - 6-12 ans
Multisports - 6-12 ans
Soccer - 5-15 ans
Tennis 12-15 ans
Ultimate Frisbee - 6-12 ans

Formation en animation

Programme aspirant moniteur - 15-17 ans



Day camp | Summer 2017


Health form

It is MANDATORY to fill out your children’s health form prior to registering them to a day camp.


Download the health form

Federal Tax Credit

You are entitled to a tax credit for costs relating to registering your children in physical activities or artistic/cultural programs. To learn how much you can claim for all City of Brossard day camps, click here.