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The City of Brossard was founded in 1958. The Jesuit Fathers were given this land on April 1, 1647, by Mr. François Lauzon, son of the future governor of New France (from 1651 to 1657). The coat of arms depicts a large cross, representing the Jesuits, set against a red ba... 2012-08-20 3:43:13 PM
The Direction des travaux publics is responsible for all maintenance work, including: repairing potholes maintaining curbs and sidewalks maintaining parks occasional water system work roadwork maintaining street lights and road ... 2015-10-28 3:51:56 PM
The City’s Direction des communications ensures follow-up with local media in the event of an emergency so that the entire community can follow the news and latest developments concerning the situation. Brossard’s local media outlets are as follows: Newspapers Br...’urgence/Situations-d’urgence/Medias-locaux.aspx 2015-10-28 4:06:09 PM
Running Water Equals Rising Bills Consuming water responsibly and checking regularly to make sure there are no leaks in your home will lead to significant savings on your next bill. Factors That Impact Your Bill Certain factors may cause your water bill to vary:...’eau.aspx 2015-07-29 2:12:46 PM
Yes, the project has been designed in accordance with the principle of universal accessibility. All equipment for the competitive pool and multi-purpose pool, as well as other features of the aquatic centre (lobby, dressing rooms, etc.) will be built to meet the needs of peopl... 2015-09-21 11:00:54 AM
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