This Frequently Asked Questions page will answer questions about : Restricted right of possession Licensing Sterelization Microchipping Canine Exercise Area (CEA) Accessories Resources Breach of the law General Visitors from other ci... 2016-11-30 11:43:25 AM
Ville de Brossard estimates the value of the aquatic complex project to be $45 million. 2015-09-21 10:58:03 AM
Make a simple and ecofriendly gesture by participating to the collection of real Christmas trees. By doing so, the trees collected will be transformed into wood shavings. Collections : January 8th and 15th Leave your tree, without the decorations, by the side of th... 2015-12-14 4:08:44 PM
It is important to note that under the provisions of the Cities and Towns Act (CQLR, c. C-19), the City of Brossard cannot be held liable for damages suffered in certain situations, including those described below. Accidents on Sidewalks, Roads and Streets Under Article... 2015-11-05 9:21:44 AM
2018 Collection Calendar now available!   For participants to the food waste implementation project in the S section, click here to download the 2018 calendar.   (Click to enlarge or to print the new collection calendar)   IMPORTAN... 2012-08-21 1:13:44 PM
Cleaning of sanitary pipelines and catch basins Beginning of May to the end of July, between 7 am and 7 pm These repairs may cause noise and splatter.   As a precaution, please keep the lid of your toilet down when the repairs occur in your sector. Maintenance... 2015-02-17 3:04:56 PM
Winter parking in Brossard Last December, the City of Brossard notified residents that parking vehicles overnight in the streets of Brossard in winter was henceforth allowed, except when snow-clearing operations take place (by-law REG-300). The Ville de Brossard ... 2016-11-21 4:31:14 PM
Residential buildings of 9 units or more, or which are part of an integrated project are eligible for weekly collection from containers for garbage and for recyclable materials. Note: The rental or purchase of container(s) is at the expense of the owner or the condominium a... 2017-04-27 1:31:34 PM
Have the City’s snow removal operations caused damage to your property (lawn, hedges, fence, etc.)? You must submit your claim to the Public Works Department by May 15. Consult the information in the margin on how to submit your claim. 2012-08-21 12:56:53 PM
The City’s Direction des communications ensures follow-up with local media in the event of an emergency so that the entire community can follow the news and latest developments concerning the situation. Brossard’s local media outlets are as follows: Newspapers Br...’urgence/Situations-d’urgence/Medias-locaux.aspx 2015-10-28 4:06:09 PM
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