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This division's name says it all. Its mission is to use operational intelligence and innovation to optimize delivery of all municipal services by proposing innovative approaches to functional issues, or simply by improving processes already in place. Based on strategic ...’intelligence-operationnelle-et-de-l.aspx 2017-11-23 10:43:29 AM
The City has established an action plan that outlines the measures taken to prevent the spread of graffiti, both on public and private property. These measures include reducing exposed surfaces by planting vines or climbing plants and installing lighting. You can consult th... 2015-10-23 11:50:36 AM
The Direction des travaux publics is responsible for all maintenance work, including: repairing potholes maintaining curbs and sidewalks maintaining parks occasional water system work roadwork maintaining street lights and road ... 2015-10-28 3:51:56 PM
École secondaire Antoine-Brossard 3055, boulevard de Rome Brossard (Québec)  J4Y 1S9 Téléphone : 450 443-0010 Télécopieur : 450 445-5529 École internationale Lucille-Teasdale (antérieurement Pierre-Brosseau) 8350, boulevard... 2017-03-02 3:43:12 PM
For the well-being of local stray cats   For the well-being of local stray cats   The CSRM program (Capture, Sterilize, Release and Maintenance of the colony) is a City initiative created to control the number of stray cats in the territory and improve their living c... 2017-03-22 4:57:25 PM
       Direction générale, Brossard's city management, plays the role of integrator and coordinator to ensure that all municipal services work together consistently to implement the City's objectives and programs. Primary mandates: Advise and assist the Municipal... 2015-07-14 1:54:41 PM
Dead or injured animal To report the presence of an injured or a dead animal (dog, cat, skunk, groundhog, bird, duck, turtle, etc.), contact the City’s Public Works Department or Refuge A.M.R . In the case of a large animal, such as a deer, you must inform the Ministère... 2012-08-20 4:25:15 PM
Focused on Your Needs! Driven by the desire to better meet citizens’ needs and to make customer service the focus of our attention, the City recently revamped its approach to service delivery.   A true gateway to the City, Services Brossard now makes it easier for y... 2015-07-29 2:48:44 PM
Emergency Medical clinic 8330, Taschereau blvd Brossard 450 465-5379 Centre de santé et services sociaux Champlain-Travel Clinic 2340, Lapinière blvd Brossard 450 656-1220 Imagix -  Brossard Radiology 1420, De Rome blvd Brossard 450 465-2410 ML Medi... 2015-01-25 6:04:14 PM
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