Before giving a contract to a snow removal company, make sure they hold a valid snow removal permit issued by the City. THE SNOW REMOVAL PERMIT: IT’S MANDATORY! Any person or company that offers snow removal services to an individual must first obtain a permit. The perm... 2016-12-14 2:06:31 PM
The use of hosepipes or automatic watering systems for watering is allowed between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. the following morning, as follows: Even-numbered addresses Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Odd-numbered addresses Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday ... 2012-08-21 1:01:39 PM
The Direction des ressources humaines has a mandate to support other city divisions in the management of personnel and labour relations.   It develops and applies policies to achieve organizational objectives. It maintains a climate of trust among the various client... 2015-07-14 2:00:48 PM
Running water equals rising bills Consuming water responsibly and checking regularly to make sure there are no leaks in your home will lead to significant savings on your next bill. Around mid-May each year, the City of Brossard will send an agent to collect your wate... 2012-08-21 1:01:45 PM
The following are the rates in effect for provision of services under by-law REG-274. These services are offered exclusively to residents of Brossard.   Life, residency or lodging certificate $5 each Online Form Affidavit (do... 2015-07-29 2:45:56 PM
This municipal department acts in concert with various stakeholders and organizations to develop, implement and evaluate services, events and activities aimed to enliven our inclusive and open community. It plans, manages and coordinates municipal initiatives in conn...,-de-la-culture-et-de-la-vie.aspx 2015-07-14 2:00:04 PM
The City offers residents a home pickup service for refrigerators and air-conditioners that no longer work.  Please contact Services Brossard at 450-923-6311 or for more information or to request a pickup. 2015-07-14 2:16:41 PM
The City of Brossard’s organizational structure includes a city manager and two assistant city managers. They work in collaboration with 11 departments to remain attuned to the population’s expectations. Through this structure, the City spares no effort to deliver a diverse ra... 2015-07-29 2:50:38 PM
Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin Commission scolaire Riverside  (anglophone) 2017-03-02 3:42:55 PM
Cégep St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 7055, boulevard Taschereau Brossard (Québec) J4Z 1A7 450 676-1745     Académie Des Arts Et Du Design 7305 boulevard Marie Victorin Brossard (Québec) J4W 1A6 514 875-9777 2017-03-02 3:43:26 PM
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