Ville de Brossard - ban on plastic shopping bags (By-Law 351) Q: When did Brossard's municipal council adopt the by-law on the distribution of plastic shopping bags? A: The Municipal Council of Brossard adopted By-Law 351 (REG-351) during its Regular... 2016-04-18 2:12:50 PM
What is landfill-bound (non-reusable) bulky waste? Bulky non-reusable items such as mattresses, upholstered furniture and carpets, are items that have reached the end of their useful life.   The City provides collection service for bulky items to all residents, ... 2016-04-22 10:22:17 AM
(Click to enlarge) Definitions drawn from the  Protection Policy for Lakeshores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains of Quebec's environmental administration, the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte aux changements climatiq... 2016-12-21 1:46:37 PM
Quebec’s 12th-largest city, Brossard has over 88,000 residents. Its territory—covering an area of 42.5 km2, including 330 km of roads and 47 km of bicycle paths—is ideally situated along the St. Lawrence River in proximity to Montreal. It offers both high-quality municipal ser... 2015-01-23 12:55:57 PM
Les c afés-concerts vous permettent de découvrir une variété de styles musicaux, allant de la chanson aux musiques du monde, en passant par le jazz et le classique. Les spectacles, présentés au Centre socioculturel de Brossard, sont précédés d'un léger goûter dès l'ouvertur...!/Cafes-concerts.aspx 2014-10-16 3:00:12 PM
Persons who wish to enter into a civil marriage must meet certain requirements and respect certain conditions. The marriage must be officiated in accordance with the Civil Code of Quebec’s stipulations. The following provides some practical information regarding this matter. ... 2015-07-29 2:47:28 PM
Work related to construction of the new Champlain Bridge will occur largely in an urban setting, close to where people live and work. This is why Signature on the Saint Lawrence is working closely with the administrations of the various municipalities bordering the worksi... 2015-09-29 4:06:31 PM
A thunderstorm is an atmospheric disturbance that involves lightning and thunder. It may be accompanied by torrential rain, hail or  high winds . A severe thunderstorm can cause  flooding , fires,  power failures  and electrocution, and result in serious damage. Take shelte...’urgence/Situations-d’urgence/Orage-violent.aspx 2017-05-04 2:39:17 PM
In the event of a pandemic, follow the advice of public health authorities, and the instructions issued in your work environment. Take advantage of the vaccine as soon as it is offered, in order to protect yourself and those close to you, and not contribute to the spread of ...’urgence/Situations-d’urgence/Pandemie.aspx 2017-05-04 3:06:27 PM
A tornado, which is rare in Québec, is a destructive weather event because it concentrates enormous energy in a limited space. It can uproot trees, flip over cars and destroy buildings. It moves at high speed and can change paths abruptly. Certain signs may indicate that a t...’urgence/Situations-d’urgence/Tornade.aspx 2017-05-04 3:20:05 PM
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