Dead or injured animal To report the presence of an injured or a dead animal (dog, cat, skunk, groundhog, bird, duck, turtle, etc.), contact the City’s Public Works Department or Refuge A.M.R . In the case of a large animal, such as a deer, you must inform the Min... 2012-08-20 4:25:15 PM
Welcome to Brossard, and thank you for choosing to live here!  Many families decide to call Brossard home for its quality of life and its exceptional network of parks and green spaces, including four points of access to the St. Lawrence River, 46 km of multi-purpose paths, ...!.aspx 2015-11-05 9:26:48 AM
  As of June 1, 2017, owners of pit bull-type dogs who have not completed the process to obtain a restricted right of possession can no longer receive this right for their dog in Brossard. Compulsory License Three different ways to obtain a cat... 2012-08-20 4:23:05 PM
Politique de mobilité active Le conseil municipal de Brossard a adopté, à sa séance du 19 septembre 2017, la première Politique de mobilité active (PMA) de la Ville. Cette politique est basée sur quatre principes directeurs, qui représentent les valeurs de la Ville en mat... 2015-05-13 11:08:50 AM
This project is necessary to meet the present and future needs of Brossard's population. The currently used pools at Antoine-Brossard and Lucille-Teasdale high schools no longer meet the demand. What's more, the City is well below standard in terms of the number of pools pe... 2015-09-21 10:48:30 AM
The Complexe aquatique de Brossard will be equipped with the following facilities and equipment:   A 50 m, ten lane Olympic training pool equipped with 1, 3 and 5 m diving boards, as well as recreational elements (zipline, Tarzan swing, underwater speakers, etc.); ... 2015-09-21 10:57:09 AM
In the fall of 2015, before the aquatic centre was designed, the City made sure to take the expectations and concerns of residents into account by conducting a broad information and consultation process aimed at all residents. Two “open house” consultation evenings were hel...’assure-t-elle-de-tenir-compte-d.aspx 2015-09-21 11:02:55 AM
   Ville de Brossard - ban on plastic shopping bags (By-Law 351) Q: When did Brossard's municipal council adopt the by-law on the distribution of plastic shopping bags? A: The Municipal Council of Brossard adopted By-Law 351 (REG-351) during its Regular... 2016-04-18 2:12:50 PM
21 décembre 2016 Dérogations mineures Entrée en vigueur REG-300-02 et REG-387 12 décembre 2016 Calendrier 2017 des séances ordinaires du conseil municipal 2 décembre 2016 Adoption budget 2017 Séances ordinaires du con... 2016-09-23 11:09:43 AM
Les c afés-concerts vous permettent de découvrir une variété de styles musicaux, allant de la chanson aux musiques du monde, en passant par le jazz et le classique. Les spectacles, présentés au Centre socioculturel de Brossard, sont précédés d'un léger goûter dès l'ouvertu...!/Cafes-concerts.aspx 2014-10-16 3:00:12 PM
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