Le programme Secours adapté vise à faciliter l'assistance aux personnes à mobilité réduite en cas d'intervention d'urgence. Il permet de maintenir un fichier identifiant les personnes dont la condition peut nécessiter une aide particulière au cours de l'évacuation, et d'en ... 2015-11-05 9:31:29 AM
Electronic Document Service   View your Tax Account Is Just a Click Away! You will be able to access the service for as long as you own a property in Brossard. You will therefore be able to view the history of your t... 2013-12-23 9:37:07 AM
Focused on Your Needs! Driven by the desire to better meet citizens’ needs and to make customer service the focus of our attention, the City recently revamped its approach to service delivery.   A true gateway to the City, Services Brossard now makes it easier for... 2015-01-22 11:49:05 PM
The City of Brossard is subject to the provisions of the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information (L.R.Q., c. A-2.1), which states as a general principle that anyone who submits a request has the right to access City... 2015-07-13 11:27:18 AM
In this section, you’ll find public notices, press releases, publications and guides published by the returning officer. Public Notice October 11, 2017  Avis public de scrutin October 6, 2017 : Service de navette pour les personnes à mobilité réduite O...,-communiques-de-presse,-publication-et.aspx 2013-09-13 4:11:41 PM
The Direction des services juridiques—specifically, the Service du contentieux—manages all claims made against the City of Brossard. When an individual believes he or she has suffered damages for which the City of Brossard is liable, he or she may file a claim against the... 2014-11-05 1:29:46 PM
The Police and Fre Security service of conglomeration of Longueuil assure a presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the whole territory Boucherville Brossard Longueuil (Greenfield-Park, St-Hubert et Vieux-Longueuil) St-Bruno-de-Montarville St-Lambert ... 2015-01-25 6:33:23 PM
In case of emergency or to file a complaint relating to an incident, call 9-1-1 or 7-1-1 for the hearing impaired For information, there's only one number to call, anywhere on the agglomeration's territory, call 450 463-7011 If you would like to come in person or t... 2015-01-25 6:37:18 PM
The City of Brossard uses a variable property tax rate system, which makes it possible to limit tax transfers between different building categories that occur when a new roll is deposited. If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or 10 as your browser, you will have to s... 2015-07-29 2:25:41 PM
If you have suffered material damage or physical injury as the result of an accident and you wish to file a claim against the City of Brossard for the damages, you must fill out the claim notice within 15 (fifteen) days of the date on which the accident occurred. If you fa... 2014-11-05 1:19:34 PM
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