September 29 and 30 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 14 locations across Brossard. For the complete lineup and map for the event, click here  (in French). *Please note that Hugues Poirier's workshop (Milsuite FX) will be moved to the Centre socioculturel Alphonse Lepage.   Tak... 2015-08-25 10:11:36 AM
Ma bibliothèque 2016 Ma bibliothèque | Hiver 2016 2015 Ma bibliothèque | Automne 2015 Ma bibliothèque | Été 2015 Ma bibliothèque | Printemps 2015 Ma bibliothèque | Hiver 2015 2014 Ma bibliothèque | Automne 2014 Ma bibliothèque | Été 2014 M... 2016-03-07 2:25:31 PM
Professionals from the city conducted an analysis of the large urban park’s site. Discover more details by viewing the following maps: 1.     Map of current status (PDF) 2.     Map of western section—Lapinière and du Quartier (PDF) 3.     Map of central section—C... 2016-03-22 3:46:22 PM
Professionals from the city have developed proposals for facilities on the large urban park’s site. Discover more details by viewing the following maps: 1.     Map of main activities (tennis, fitness circuit, skating rink and multi-purpose pavilion) (PDF) 2.     M... 2016-03-22 3:51:11 PM
Mobilizing for mobility:  The Mayors of the Agglomération de Longueuil unite  around Vision 2025 for Public Transit To improve quality of life for the residents of the Agglomération de Longueuil and to alleviate road congestion, which is increasing at a phenomenal pac... 2018-08-20 10:58:43 AM
Less than fifteen minutes from downtown Montreal, the City of Brossard offers its 88 019 citizens an exceptional quality of life. Its nature, culture and diversity of services create a dynamic society in which everyone has a place. A natural, welcoming environment ... 2012-09-17 9:21:24 AM
  The library is a public place, open to all the component communities that comprise the population it serves.   A democratic supporter of access to information and culture, it makes available and promotes the use of all its resources in an innovative fashion.   ... 2015-07-14 1:56:20 PM
You will find in this section various Request form of the City of Brossard. 2016-01-06 2:40:18 PM
GRASSCYCLING: AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3! Grasscycling means leaving grass clippings to decompose on your lawn after you mow it, in order to nourish budding shoots. This simple, eco-friendly action will help you to not only save time but also cut down on fertilizer costs... 2014-04-16 9:28:12 PM
What is an ICT electronic product? An electronic product is a device for processing and transmitting information, such as a: computer telephone printer television fax machine game console etc. The term ITC signifies “information and co... 2014-04-16 9:38:40 PM
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