If your total property taxes for the year are $300 or more, you may pay them in four equal instalments. The deadlines for 2015 are as follows:   1 st  instalment February 9, 2018 2 nd  instalment April 10, 2018 ... 2015-07-29 2:30:19 PM
To date, the City of Brossard has protected over 13.2% of the municipality, placing it among the leaders when it comes to the conservation of natural areas. Preserving such areas helps to maintain a high level of biodiversity, ranging from the bacteria found in ecosystems to... 2015-09-03 11:33:26 AM
STERELIZATION Do I have to sterilize my dog living in Brossard? Yes, all dogs within Brossards city limits will need to be sterilized at the latest by June 30, 2017. Note that this time limit does not apply to dogs covered by the restricted right of possession, for wh... 2017-05-16 8:12:45 AM
Date Press Release 24-10-2017 November 15, 2017: Brossard Good Neighbourly Relations Commitee 22/09/2017 September 25, 2017: Brossard Good Neighbourly Relations Commitee - Publicité - Avis ... 2015-09-29 4:06:31 PM 2017-06-26 4:37:08 PM 2017-06-26 4:41:23 PM
The issue of air and climate change includes matters such as the quality of the air we breathe, global warming and efficient energy use, all of which are closely related due to their impact on public health and the environment. There are various threats related to these m... 2015-09-03 10:53:27 AM
November 19 to December 20 Nicole Tremblay Acrylic, sand, gold leaf Inspired by a vision of the contemporary woman derived from her story, Nicole Tremblay creates “Caryatides of modern times”, sumptuous and aristocratic. These gold-trimmed figures meander through id...,-on-les-expose!/Expositions-a-venir.aspx 2014-07-02 4:53:00 PM
The OSM in Brossard: a grandiose evening! 2017-02-20 3:53:34 PM
Municipal council meetings are normally held in Brossards City Hall at 8 p.m. The general public can attend these meetings and ask questions during the question period. The meetings can also be viewed live via the Internet.   Supporting documents are available as of 1 ... 2012-08-20 3:24:17 PM
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