IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to the weather of recent weeks, Brossards Centre de plein air will end its winter season activities on Thursday, March 1st. Please note that sledding hills and skating rinks are already closed. ...!-Du-27-fevrier-au-3-mars-2017.aspx 2017-02-21 3:26:35 PM
La Ville de Brossard souhaite écouter ses citoyens, et ce, à toutes les phases d'un projet. C'est pourquoi des consultations publiques sont réalisées depuis plusieurs années, et ce, particulièrement sur des compétences municipales en urbanisme et en aménagement du territoire, ... 2018-10-04 4:28:34 PM
  Le temps d’une danse   On October 1, 2017, to mark National Seniors Day , which that year coincided with the Journées de la culture , the Ville de Brossard invited seniors to take part in a big intergenerational dance. This project brought together groups from var... 2018-02-08 3:59:49 PM
The City of Brossard was founded in 1958. The Jesuit Fathers were given this land on April 1, 1647, by Mr. François Lauzon, son of the future governor of New France (from 1651 to 1657). The coat of arms depicts a large cross, representing the Jesuits, set against a red ba... 2012-08-20 3:43:13 PM
2018 Collection Calendar now available!   For participants to the food waste implementation project in the S section, click here to download the 2018 calendar.   (Click to enlarge or to print the new collection calendar)   IMPORTAN... 2012-08-21 1:13:44 PM
2017-2019 Family and Seniors Policy The Politique famille et aînés 2017-2019 (2017-2019 Family and Seniors Policy) proposes an inclusive definition of the family within which individuals live and grow, but also become key players in their community. By providing this ove...,-culture-et-vie-communautaire.aspx 2015-05-13 11:04:43 AM
To date, the City of Brossard has protected over 13.2% of the municipality, placing it among the leaders when it comes to the conservation of natural areas. Preserving such areas helps to maintain a high level of biodiversity, ranging from the bacteria found in ecosystems to... 2015-09-03 11:33:26 AM
The issue of air and climate change includes matters such as the quality of the air we breathe, global warming and efficient energy use, all of which are closely related due to their impact on public health and the environment. There are various threats related to these m... 2015-09-03 10:53:27 AM
FOOD WASTE COLLECTION IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT IN SECTIONS N, O AND S (PHASE 2) Grey bin selection (garbage) The second phase of the food waste collection implementation project will begin with the delivery of a brown bin (food waste) and a grey bin (garbage) to residen... 2017-04-20 2:47:00 PM
The application period to join one of the City's Commitee is now over. We thank everyone who participated in the selection process. If you missed the registration period and still want to submit your application, please send your CV and a cover letter (100 words maximum)...,-commissions,-corporations-et-organismes-e/Comites,-commissions,-corporations-et-organism-(1)/On-a-besoin-de-vous!.aspx 2018-06-11 4:08:57 PM
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