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Politique de mobilité active Le conseil municipal de Brossard a adopté, à sa séance du 19 septembre 2017, la première Politique de mobilité active (PMA) de la Ville. Cette politique est basée sur quatre principes directeurs, qui représentent les valeurs de la Ville en mat... 2015-05-13 11:08:50 AM 2016-11-30 3:01:41 PM
Website In the event of an emergency, the homepage of the City’s website will be updated regularly with the latest information about the situation. Twitter The City’s Twitter account is a valuable tool for keeping up to date with the City’s actions in the event o...’urgence/Situations-d’urgence/Site-internet.aspx 2015-10-28 4:04:07 PM
The project will have little impact on traffic in the area, based on our preliminary traffic study. A 10 % increase in traffic is expected once the aquatic centre opens at Parc Poly-Aréna. The existing infrastructure will be sufficient to ensure smooth, safe traffic flow on... 2015-09-21 10:59:03 AM
Consultation publique sur le projet d'Oléoduc Énergie Est de TransCanada Rapport de consultation publique de la commission de l’environnement sur le projet Oléoduc Énergie Est de TransCanada [PDF 4,6 Mo] Plans et cartes de la ville Carte vélo – Édition 2017 Pla... 2016-03-07 2:26:11 PM
This section presents the main by-laws related to quality of life and public order in Brossard. These are informational texts which summarize the main provisions of the by-laws. Warning Documents available in this section have no legal value and are presented for informa... 2016-12-01 9:21:04 AM
The City of Brossards logo is its official signature, the only graphic symbol that may be used to identify the organization. The layout of the four “b”s evokes a highway interchange. This alludes to the fact that Brossard owes its economic prosperity not just to those who ... 2015-01-23 6:45:26 PM
The City of Brossards organizational structure includes a city manager and two assistant city managers. They work in collaboration with 11 departments to remain attuned to the population’s expectations. Through this structure, the City spares no effort to deliver a diverse ra... 2015-07-29 2:50:38 PM
During the most recent municipal elections that were held on November 5, 2017, Mrs. Doreen Assaad was elected as the second female mayor in Ville de Brossards history, in addition to becoming the City’s first mayor to preside over a gender parity city council. Doreen currentl... 2018-03-07 9:00:40 AM
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