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2017-2019 Family and Seniors Policy

The Politique famille et aînés 2017-2019 (2017-2019 Family and Seniors Policy) proposes an inclusive definition of the family within which individuals live and grow, but also become key players in their community. By providing this overall vision of the family, consolidating the family policy and the Municipalité amie des aînés (Senior-Friendly Municipality or MADA) initiative into a single policy represents a concrete municipal commitment toward families and seniors. It allows Ville de Brossard and its partners to reaffirm their intent to work with and for families and seniors, by promoting their autonomy, their skills and their contribution to the community. Closely related to the “citizens satisfied and happy with and committed to the 2013-2030 Strategic Development Plan” development objective, the Family and Seniors Policy will encourage the coordination of activities to provide a living environment conducive
to the growth, self-development and fulfilment of all family members from young children to seniors.

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Cultural Policy

The City’s Cultural Policy was adopted on May 12 2015. This dynamic, attractive, and innovative policy was elaborated by a committee formed in 2013, mandated to provide the basis for a new vision of cultural development. To make this foundational project even more tangible, it will be accompanied by an action plan. It replaces a policy document from 1993 entitled Politique de développement des arts et de la culture (Policy for the Development of Arts and Culture).

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Plan d'action famille et aînés | 2017-2019

The goal of the Plan d'action famille et aînés (family and seniors' action plan) is to respond adequately to the needs expressed by residents through various citizen consultations. The comité famille et aînés will monitor the actions taken and present an annual report to residents.

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Action Plan for Disabled Persons

The Ville de Brossard is determined to make life easier for people living with a disability. With this in mind, it developed the 2014-2016 Action and Intervention Plan for Persons with Disabilities, the central theme of which is universal accessibility.

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2016 Review - Résolution

2016 Review of achievements

Plan d’action intercultural 2016-2017
Shining a Light on Brossard’s Cultural Richness!

The Ville de Brossard is proud to present its Plan d’action intercultural 2016-2017 (Intercultural Action Plan), which is aligned with the City’s 2013-2030 Strategic Plan.Origine_PlanInterculturel.JPG

With over one-third (38%) of its population belonging to a visible minority and some 57 different cultural communities, Brossard is setting an example when it comes to integration. As an inclusive city, pluralism and cultural diversity are fundamental to our identity and heritage.

Produced by the City’s intercultural committee, the action plan is divided into four key areas: cultural communities, the economy, communications and families. It outlines the implementation of over 20 different measures to help promote multiculturalism in Brossard.

A variety of cultural communities help to improve quality of life for all Brossard residents on a daily basis. By establishing the intercultural committee, the city aims to further develop the distinctive cultural richness that makes it such a unique place.  

The action plan is supported by various organizations and partners who contributed to its development. Their involvement is essential to the success of the proposed goals and measures.

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2011-2013 Graffiti Action Plan

This plan provides for several measures to address the problem of graffiti, promoting information, sensitization and the mobilization of various actors concerned.

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Policy for Recognition and Support of Organizations

Brossard residents can count on a very large number of community organizations working to promote their well-being. The City helps to support their contributions through its policy of recognition and support of organizations.

This policy establishes a commitment to support these groups in their work with the population, as well as to the level of services that they provide to the community. It also specifies the conditions and obligations that organizations must meet in order to benefit from official recognition.

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