Grand parc urbain

Ville de Brossard plans to create a major city park, called the grand parc urbain, on the site of the former Brossard golf course. Once completed, this large municipal park will possess a distinctive personality characterized by its size, its natural and forested spaces, and the activities offered to all residents in both summer and winter. 

Phase 1 of the projected construction work, in the Lapinière sector, planned for summer and fall 2018, will end in spring 2019 due to weather conditions in fall 2018.

Project Overview (Phase 1 – Lapinière Sector)

  • Fitness circuit
  • Toboggan hill
  • Rest areas
  • Bicycle and pedestrian paths
  • Main and secondary entrances
  • Planting and landscaping 
  • To be developed in phases


Overview of the project 

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Map of municipal projects in the C section (Available in French - click to enlarge)



  • Trails, bicycle paths, furnishings, sodding: Spring - Summer 2019


The timetable is presented as a guide and is subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen events encountered during the work.

Follow the project’s progress in the Urban Infrastructures section | C section - TOD Quartier, of the Info-Travaux page on our web site. 
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