Major Urban Park in Brossard


Ville de Brossard plans wants to create a major urban park on the site of the former Brossard golf course. Once completed, this large municipal park will possess a distinctive personality characterized by its size, its natural and forested spaces, and the activities offered to all residents in both in summer and winter. Designed based on a wide-ranging citizen consultation process, this major urban park will reflect the needs and expectations of our residents.

The major urban park will be developed in phases. In 2018, work will be carried out in the Lapinière sector (fitness circuit, toboggan hill, bicycle and pedestrian paths, etc.) as well as in the park's eastern sector (new watercourse, and a park entrance from rue Du Chardonneret and rue Du Condor). Three other phases of construction are planned to take place by 2021.

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In December 2016, the City conducted a survey of residents' opinions of the urban park development project planned for the site of the former Brossard golf club. Some 250 telephone interviews were conducted and more than 555 online respondents completed the questionnaire. Among the main results of the survey:

  • 94% of residents consider it important or very important that the city play a 48742574_l.jpgrole in developing green spaces.
  • 79% feel that current green spaces are of good or very good quality;
  • 61% of respondents indicate that, in general, the City does not have enough green spaces;
  • 82% are favourable to developing the major urban park;
  • 57% approve the average cost of $38 per year to develop the park.

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