Solar Uniquartier (TOD Quartier)

The Solar Uniquartier project, located opposite the Quartier DIX30 to the north of Highway 10 and the west of Highway 30, is a vast real estate development combining residential, commercial and tourist vocations. Valued at close to a billion dollars, this project will become a large-scale TOD* neighbourhood in Brossard.

A Synopsis of the Solar Uniquartier project:
  • 2,500 housing units
  • 500,000 ft2 of commercial space for boutiques, local shops, restaurants and office space
  • Hotel and convention centre
  • Place de la Gare which will connect direcly to the future Du Quartier REM train station
  • Sports complex
  • Parks and green spaces
The Urban Planning department is currently evaluating the project's compliance with various urban planning by-laws.

The project work schedules are still to be determined. Certain work could begin in 2017, including the construction of high streets and public places. Infrastructure to be built for the TOD Quartier will be financed mainly by the future residents of the sector.

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* A TOD development (“Transit-Oriented Development”)  is a high-density real estate development focused around public transit. 

Start of Construction

Promoter Devimco will begin site preparation works at the end of June (installing fences and portable site offices, developing roads , felling trees, excavation, etc.). The promoter is proceeding in compliance with the conditions of the City-issued construction permit as well as those from the ministère de l’Environnement.

The City of Brossard will carry out construction of streets, parks and public places within the real estate project. Construction startup, planned for August 2017, will entail the permanent closure of the access ramp to Highway 10 from boulevard Lapinière.

As the closure of the ramp comes close, the City will notify the population by various means (road signage, billboards, letters to residents and merchants, etc.). Alternative routes will be offered to users. Take note that a new access road to Highway 10 from boulevard Du Quartier will open at the end of 2018.
See the Construction Notices on the Info-travaux page of the Brossard website.

Comment, Suggestions and Questions
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