City Hall COMPLETED Read more
Complexe aquatique de Brossard UNDER CONSTRUCTION Read more
Du Quartier Boulevard Construction Work in Progress Read more
Du Quartier Overpass
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Grand parc urbain UPCOMING (SUMMER-FALL 2018, PHASE 1) Read more
Grande Allée UPCOMING (SUMMER 2018-FALL 2019) Read more
New entrance ramp to Highway 10 UPCOMING Read more
Rehabilitation of the Brosseau district municipal infrastructure COMING (IN PHASES) Read more
Réseau express métropolitain (REM) IN PROGRESS (PREPARATORY WORKS) Read more
Revitalization of boulevard Taschereau Under consideration Read more
Solar Uniquartier (TOD Quartier) UNDER CONSIDERATION Read more
The Eco-Quartier de la Gare Residential project UNDER CONSTRUCTION (IN PHASES) Read more