The City of Brossard was founded in 1958. The Jesuit Fathers were given this land on April 1, 1647, by Mr. François Lauzon, son of the future governor of New France (from 1651 to 1657).

The coat of arms depicts a large cross, representing the Jesuits, set against a red background, symbolizing greatness. The fleur-de-lys at the center of the cross is a symbol of our country’s French traditions. The arrows and towers in each corner of the shield represent Urbain Brossard, the ancestor of the Brossard family in Canada.

The motto “Si je puis oultre,” written in old French, means “If possible, I will go farther” or “If I can do more,” promising a rich future to the new city.


February 14, 1958: The city is founded by George-Henri Brossard within an area called La Prairie Parish. The population at this time is 3,400.

July 14, 1962: City hall is inaugurated and a statue sculpted by Quebec artist Armand Vaillancourt is unveiled. The inscription on the statue reads “City of Brossard” or “A tribute to the working class,” symbolizing the glory of work and the vitality and determination of a community.

August 8, 1964: A piece of land belonging to Greenfield Park in annexed to Brossard.

July 4, 1967: Mr. Leon Gravel replaces Mr. Georges-Henri Brossard as mayor of the city.

March 25, 1978: The municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur is annexed to the city of Brossard. On November 5th that same year, Mr. Alphonse Lepage is elected mayor.

October 24, 1982: Mr. Claude Chevrier replaces Mr. Lepage as mayor of the city.

1983: The city celebrates its 25th anniversary. On November 4th, Ms. Georgette Lepage replaces Mr. Chevrier as mayor of the city.

1989: Brossard becomes a pioneer for being the first city in Québec to adopt a family policy. Furthermore, it officially baptises itself Ville multiculturelle (Multicultural City).  

November 4, 1990: Mr. Paul Leduc replaces Ms. Lepage as mayor of the city.

October 18, 1991: Brossard inaugurates its new city hall at the corner of Boulevard de Rome and San Francisco Street.

January 1, 2002: The city of Brossard merges with the cities of Boucherville, Greenfield Park, Le Moyne, Longueuil, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Saint-Hubert and Saint-Lambert. It becomes one of seven boroughs within the urban agglomeration of Longueuil. Ms. Nicole Carrier is elected president of the borough of Brossard.

June 2004: The city demerges following a municipal referendum.

January 1, 2006: Brossard is reconstituted as a city and Mr. Jean-Marc Pelletier is elected as the new mayor.

2008: Brossard celebrates its 50th anniversary and adopts a new family policy.

November 1, 2009: Mr. Paul Leduc replaces Mr. Pelletier as mayor of the city. This is Mr. Leduc’s fourth mandate, after three consecutive mandates (1990, 1994 and 1998).

November 3, 2013: Mr. Paul Leduc is re-elected as mayor of the City. This is Mr. Leduc's fifth mandate.

August 2017: Launch of the Plan d’action famille et aînés 2017-2019 (the family and seniors action plan) which is based on an updated family and seniors policy completed earlier in the year.
September 2017: Following consultation with residents in June, Brossard adopts its first active mobility policy.
November 5, 2017: Ms Doreen Assaad, outgoing councillor for District 9, succeeds Mr. Leduc and becomes the new mayor of the city.

Population evolution:

  • 1958: 3,400 inhabitants
  • 1968: 16,200 inhabitants
  • 1978: 41,700 inhabitants
  • 1988: 57,441 inhabitants
  • 1998: 65,927 inhabitants
  • 2008: 73,041 inhabitants
  • 2010: 76,445 inhabitants
  • 2012: 82,120 inhabitants
  • 2017: 87, 215 inhabitants
  • 2018: 88, 019 inhabitants