2015 By-Election - District 1

On Sunday, November 29, a by-election was held in District 1. Voters in this district has the opportunity to determine who will represent them until the general election in 2017.
Our neutral, impartial team is responsible for organizing this democratic activity in which all voters from District 1 was invited to participate.
Preparing for an election involves a number of steps that take place within a short period of time:
  • preparing and submitting the list of electors (October 30)
  • receiving nomination papers (October 16 to 30)
  • recruiting and training electoral staff
  • logistical organization of polling places
  • advance polling (November 22)
  • election day polling (November 29)
  • announcing and publishing the election results
The members of our dynamic, dedicated team are working together to help voters in District 1 exercise their right to vote. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the electoral process.
Most important of all, be sure to vote!

Isabelle Grenier, CMO, Lawyer
Returning Officer